Landscape and space design is my full time job, come hot or cold, just not floods or muds. In 30-something years of being a contractor, few people I’ve met have had the wherewithal to make their visions a reality.

Team Rhinamic is your wherewithal. My team and I will build your dream lifestyle. As you look through our work, notice the detail in our photos. It’s a testament to our philosophy of quality, and our repeat clients will vouch for us.

I come from a family of old-school craftsmen, having worked with my contractor father & uncle and grandpa, a carpenter.  Mom was an artist/gardener whose medium was all the pieces of the world to create beauty.

For you that obviously translates into creativity, but more importantly, being heard. I want to hear about your vision, dreams, and challenges, so that I can put myself into your mindset. Together we’ll develop a plan to make your vision happen. I work closely with my clients because I want to develop a trusted relationship that lasts for decades.

You have big dreams, so we’ll look at the big picture. Let’s divide it up into manageable project phases and sensible cut-offs. Then budget for each phase and continue where you left off. Never re-do stuff you’ve already paid for. This makes so much more sense and ends up attaining your BIG DREAM.


Let’s talk Exteriors:

This is where my passion lies: landscape designs blended with carpentry talent, a flair for design and almost 30 years of Master Gardener expertise.

You want long lasting, easy to maintain and economical – xeriscaping is the way to go. Forget the barren desert look! I recommend environmentally adapted, flowering plants of various colors, heights and textures. You’ll have easy maintenance, and with little extra care, they will be spectacular.

I break up lack-luster terrain by sculpting multi-level garden tiers using big rocks, pebbles and granite to add depth. Include a wooden structure, arbor, a modern fence, a pathway or dry creek bed meandering through the yard. Not all features should be evident from one vantage point – have hidden surprises, a seating area, playground or an outdoor kitchen.


Don’t love your Interior?

Maximize your space and breathe. Remove walls. We’re not afraid to install a load-supporting beam to open up the rooms. Improved flow in an open design increases enjoyment of your home! We cover the gamut of kitchen/bathroom upgrades, flooring, and aesthetic touches.

I trust you’ll get inspirational ideas from our photos. Remember that each one started with a “Well, I was hoping…” and we applied ourselves. We collaborated on those dreams.

Now imagine we apply ourselves to your home … we’d love to make you proud. And if you recommend Team Rhinamic, we gladly throw our reputation behind your word.

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