A rather large selling point the builder of my new house made, was that they “Go green!” by recycling excess construction materials. Little did I know the chipped debris would be used as landfill in my yard. After three years of replacing shrubbery and struggling to pull a green lawn out of 2 inches of top soil that wanted to give birth to nothing but weeds, I had given up! Landscapers I engaged failed to help. I finally planted silk flowers in capitulation…That was the utterly embarrassed, defeated homeowner Marty Ruona met.

After telling him of my struggles, he suggested the entire yard needed to be removed to get down to the debris. He threw away 2 trailer loads of dead plants, exhausted dirt and construction crap. Literally from the ground up, Rhinamic Workforce systematically built the yard of my dreams using new soil (I now know the difference between dirt and soil!) and lots of Texas rock. Marty worked with me, educating me on the pros and cons of considerations I needed to make. I learned which plants to cluster, which needed water, which were suited to heavy sun exposure, and which to shield in the shade of other plants. See my gardens now, terraced rock mounds filled with 35+ varieties of cacti and succulents. It’s been 2 years and the gardens have filled in beautifully with minimal maintenance on my part.

The increase in aesthetics and curb appeal incited me to hire Marty and his crew again for the back yard. They built elevated linear garden beds for me to

grow flowers, vegetables and herbs, as well as a “corner curio” cactus garden and functional benches and plant tables.

Apart from making my heart happy, the best thing is to have my friends walk onto the patio and watch them not trusting their eyes – “WOW!” is the word I hear most.  It is truly a change of lifestyle that was worth every penny I invested in this. I hope others experience the same level of satisfaction with this creative, talented landscaper, passionate master gardener and his crew.