Ray P.
“After initial consultation with Marty, Team Rhinamic comes prepared to transform the living space in an efficient and professional manner. I am owner of the High Wire Art gallery in downtown San Antonio Texas. Team Rhinamic has transformed my existing asphalt “back yard” parking lot into an Urban Oasis! An unbelievable transformation to display art and entertain clients. Marty’s general contracting and constructions skills are a backdrop for his innate artistic sense of garden design and modern urban living spaces. His knowledge of the use of appropriate landscape plants and materials is essential because the plants stay healthy looking over time. Marty is first and foremost a master gardener. After I told Malcolm Beck, a successful organic gardener since 1959 and founder of GardenVille, that I was working with Marty, Malcolm stated that “Marty is the best horticulturalist I know” . Combine that with over 30 years of contracting service and you have TEAM RHINAMIC. A quick, efficient, professional, reasonably priced service for amazing transformational makeovers of personalized living spaces or businesses. Thanks to Marty for transforming our lives!”     RAY



Xeriscape 2 ….. Front Yard

“I used to have the worst lawn in the neighborhood; my lawn was mostly weeds and patches of dirt. We had tried everything we could think of to make our yard green; soil amendments, fertilizer, grass seed and sod but nothing grew. Marty and his team made a huge difference. After looking at the yard, he gave me a list of suitable plants to choose from and then he got to work. I think what made the difference is that he really understands the microclimates in my yard and he knew what soil and plants to use in each area, sunny or shady. He dug up some of the dirt and replaced it with fresh soil, compost and mulch. I have a hilly lot so he added boulders to stop the erosion and in a couple of areas He built up raised beds planted with native plants, trees and shrubs. I love the way my yard looks now. There is always something in bloom and the colors are stunning. One of my neighbors even complimented me on my yard – a first for me! In spite of the drought and hot summer weather, the plants are still alive, more of a testament to his knowledge of native plants and soil than to my green thumb. His next project is my back yard; I can’t wait to see how it looks. You won’t be sorry if you use Marty and his team. I’m glad I did.”   JEAN



Commercial Store Front Renovation 1

“I have used Marty and his team for both personal and commercial renovation projects and landscape projects. Marty has the ability to work with the client to incorporate their ideas and to visualize the final outcome of a project. He is skilled and competent at looking at alternative plans and achieving long term goals. At the same time, he communicates short term goals as he moves the project along in a timely and systematic manner. I have learned to have complete faith that when I enlist the work of his company, I will be more than pleased with the outcome. Marty and his team have earned my respect and my confidence as I have been able to go on with my own duties, leaving them in confidence, to do their work with no worry on my part.”  JANET



Hazel B.

Outdoor Kitchen & Entertaining Pavilion

“Marty came in to consult on a redesign for our still 70’s style patio. He saw our problem and designed a solution. He listened to our ideas and threw out a few more, opening our minds up to a more contemporary approach. He sketched out rough drawings, explaining his vision. We loved it and went for it. It was crazy to see the old patio cover give way to a palacial16 ft high, huge beam structure with heavy bolts. The contemporary polycarbonate panels keep all the sun off us and afford us all the light we need. And it’s all so open and airy. . . Even rain days are enjoyable out there. Marty’s expertise is what sets him apart from most others. He will do the very best for his clients. I know. He did his very best for us. I highly recommend RHINAMIC WORKFORCE, LLC.”  HAZEL


George C.
“Over the past 15+ years I’ve had the joy and pleasure of working side by side with Marty planting 100s of cactus plants all over South Texas and Mexico. Marty is truly a Master Gardener – a GURU with PASSION. His work is more like art than it is like gardening. I strongly suggest if you want a real professional helping you install or enhance a Texas Garden you should call in Marty. ”   GEORGE


Also From George

Jan. 2014

To whom it may concern: Re Marty Ruona, and his company Rhinamic Workforce

It is with great respect that I take the time to write the reference letter about Marty and his team.  Over the last 15+ years my family has engaged Marty for construction and landscaping projects.  Over this time I have also had the pleasure of seeing the work his team has completed for others.  Marty is truly a professional when it comes to customer satisfaction.  No job is too small or too big or too challenging for Marty.  He designed and built a handicap ramp for my parents.

Perhaps is best quality is his ability to WOW!!! his clients with out of the box design ideas.  Another aspect of Marty’s professional approach is his project documentation of before, during and after, constantly keeping his clients informed with their project and his progress.  If you have a commercial or residential construction or landscaping project in mind I strongly recommend you engage Marty to turn your dream into a reality.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about this recommendation.   George Cummings   Austin, TX



Xeriscape 3  Front yard Landscape Redesign

“Marty noticed I couldn’t put enough water on my grass along the street to keep it looking as good as the rest of the yard. He suggested a “Mailbox Garden”. The result is stunning and much better than if I were able to keep the grass healthy there. His TEAM RHINAMIC was very well organized with every preparation made and materials brought in, and the waste hauled away. A ‘turn key’ project. He doesn’t call it a completed project until he’s good with it, although you can be involved every step of the way if that’s what you want.”   RICK