Thanks for your interest in Team Rhinamic.  In 31 years of independent contracting, I’ve noticed everyone has visions about their ideal surroundings… if only they had the wherewithal to make that happen.

Team Rhinamic is your wherewithal…

My team and I are dedicated to enabling your dream lifestyle by enhancing your surroundings. As you stroll through these pages, let yourself absorb our philosophy by looking at the detail in the photos. It’s a testament to our quality, backed up by comments from repeat clients that I have to this day.

My name is Marty Ruona.  I come from a family line of old-school craftsmen, having worked alongside my father & uncle, who were concrete and masonry contractors; grandpa was a carpenter.  My mother was an artist and gardener;  her medium was all the pieces of the world to create beautiful interiors and landscapes.

Through the successful mix of craftsmanship and creativity, my passion to create something special for myself and others was born.

For you that translates into first, being heard. In our initial interview, I want to hear about your vision, dreams, challenges, special needs and desires, so that I can put myself into your lifestyle mindset.   Together we’ll then develop a plan of action to reach your vision.


Many houses seem to have restrictions on their potential. You tell us your vision and we’ll design to maximize space and let you breathe. If making your interior function more logically involves removing walls, we’re not afraid to install a load supporting beam to open up the rooms. Watch the improved flow in an open design increase the function of the space! We cover the gamut of bathroom upgrades, replacement cabinetry, flooring, and aesthetic touches.


You’ll quickly discover this is where my heart’s passion lies. My landscape designs blend my carpentry talents and my flair for design with my Master Gardener expertise.  

Landscaping is only partially about the plant selection.  My ideal is to have a landscape be interesting before any plants are added.

In our environment the longest lasting, easiest to maintain and most economical way to go is xeriscaping. Unfortunately most south Texans imagine desert barrenness to be the extent of xeric design. As a Texas Master Gardener since 1992, I’ve dedicated study to micro-climates within a yard, and focus on these very important details to marry environmentally adapted plants, colors, heights and textures with the most suitable locations for them. Once the ground work is done, you will discover how easy it is to maintain them and how little extra it takes to really make them spectacular.

I sculpt garden layouts into multi-level tiers to break up lack-luster terrain, using interesting rocks and pebble/decomposed granite textures to add interest. Each level can contain different soils of varying depths to create the ideal environment for the plant selections that work best together.

Often a landscape design includes a wooden structure, an arbor, an improved fence, a pathway meandering through the yard, incorporating fun vignettes along the way. Every garden should have hidden secrets or surprises. Not all features should be evident from a single vantage point. Discover the different views by adding a seating area to gain a new perspective. Each yard is unique and so, too, will yours be.

I work closely with my clients because I want to develop a trusted home owner/contractor relationship that lasts for decades.  If you recommend Team Rhinamic, we gladly put our reputation behind your word.

As most homeowners have big dreams, we look at the big picture. We define finite project phases, and prioritize the things that need to be accomplished first, leaving sensible cut-offs for the next stages when you’re ready. This allows you to budget for each phase and continue where you left off without having to re-do stuff you’ve already paid for. Imagine accomplishing your ultimate dream in several stages and realizing this approach makes so much more sense. 

I trust you will get inspiring ideas from the photos of our accomplished jobs. Know that each one started with a “Well, this is what I was hoping for . . .”  and we applied ourselves to collaborating on that dream.  Now imagine we apply ourselves to your home, and create something special.  We’d love to make you proud.

Marty Ruona
Texas Master Gardener
Customer Focused Landscape Solutions
151 Huxley SA TX 78218