XERISCAPE #12 Urban Yard Transformation

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This home is on a busy street in the Northwood neighborhood of San Antonio.  It is a corner lot that had entirely too much lawn. The strip of yard along the street had a slope, which made keeping it irrigated difficult.  The grass was average at best.  The 1960’s landscape needed an upgrade.  We consulted with the homeowners.  They were interested in “this xeriscape thing”.

Our transformation consisted with removing large areas of grass.  We excavated into the small slope, to create pockets for interesting rock terraces/walls.  These walls hold deeper organic soils, and allow us to make interesting elevation changes.  All of the new plants are well thought out, and xeric.  They were placed where each plant is in it’s best location according to the micro climate, and the size when full grown makes sense.

Decomposed granite was used minimally, to visually set off these rock terraces.  Organic Espoma fertilizer was applied to the new soils, and spread throughout the xeriscape gardens.   A good thick layer of native mulch completes the landscape.

The anchor plants are Mountain Laurel, Eve’s Necklace, and Anacacho Orchid.  All three are our favorite small urban trees, each maxing out at 12′ to 20′ tall.  Give our TEAM RHINAMIC a call to transform your landscape into something special.

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